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QuickBooks Tip of the Week

Pressing the "F2" key while in QuickBooks will bring up an informational screen about your QuickBooks program and file.  In addition to the version and release updates, it provides your license number, date installed and other useful information.  It provides the file name and path of the file currently opened as well as other information about the file.   past tips can be found by clicking "On-Line Training"

AQBExpert, Michael Row also known as Mr-Quickbooks

provides Quickbooks, Bookkeeping and Professional Consulting services. I use QuickBooks in my business and QuickBooks for clients. As the Quickbooks expert, I install, teach and train customers in all areas of Quickbooks. I teach QuickBooks classes all over the United States.

In addition, the Quick Books expert offers personal assistance, solutions and consulting for clients in the areas of QuickBooks, accounting, bookkeeping, projections, budgets, mergers and acquisitions. I always provide Quickbooks, bookkeeping and accounting services in a friendly, efficient and professional manner at reasonable rates. No project is too big or job too small. If it is important to your business it is important to my business.

With your free initial consultation you will receive a list of useful QuickBooks tips and short cuts.

   Michael Row AQBExpert

Michael Row has a distinguished eleven year in banking and bank management throughout Northern California. Then worked four years in the stock brokerage business, as an analysis and stockbroker. During the same time period Michael taught banking and finance at the community college level for six years. After a short period of forensic accounting and investigation, He went to work for a small public company in Sacramento. Michael worked first as their Controller and then as the Chief Financial Officer for a total of eleven years. Michael has started and operated a number of successful businesses including ABC Business Services and Michael Row Productions.Michael has been working with Quickbooks and Bookkeeping clients since 1991. Then in 2004 he began expanding his Quickbooks, bookkeeping -accounting and consulting services. He has been teaching Quickbooks classes for the past two years at all levels, beginning, intermediate and advanced. Michael also works as a part time CFO or accounting manager for clients in addition to serving on the Board of Directors for a few. He possess excellent analytical and accounting skills, good communicator and can work as a member of a team. With an extensive financial background, Michael is right the person for your company or project.


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The first thing the Quick books expert does is help you select the appropriate edition of Quickbooks including industryspecific versions if warranted. After you have purchased Quickbooks, I install and configure Quickbooks for your company on a single computer or in a network environment. The Quickbooks expert also helps you set up your company file or files, teaching you how to do this yourself. Then shows you how to access Quickbooks and your company files for your companys accounting. The QuickBooks expert shows you how to navigate QuickBooks and use multiple windows in Quickbooks. Teaching you how to modify Quickbooks home page, preferences and the Icon Bar to meet your needs. I also teach you how to set up QuickBooks users, limit access and how to modify these settings. Then we work together, teaching you how to access administrative components, areas and reports of QuickBooks.

Show you how to and help you set up the bookkeeping / accounting for your company including establishing the Chart of Accounts. The QuickBooks expert teaches you how to import and export data to and from Quickbooks and other sources. Then youll learn how to back up, make portable company files and an accountants copy of your Quickbooks files. You will receive all of the professional help you need to get your bookkeeping up and running in Quickbooks, solving any problems you have encountered.



  Easy Instructions taught by a Certified QuickBooks pro Advisor
  it's all step-by-step!

As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, I provide both individual and group training for QuickBooks, bookkeeping, job costing, budgeting and other financial management functions. With QuickBooks I teach the very basics, like starting, opening your company file and simply QuickBooks navigation. The Quickbooks expert also teaches advanced techniques such as job costing, budgeting, forecasting and writing an entire business plans in QuickBooks. Showing you how to do these things and everything in between.

QuickBooks is very powerful with significant advanced features such as a business plan tool and a fixed assets manager. Most users never utilize even 20% of the potential of the QuickBooks program. The expert will show you how to use QuickBooks to its full potential for your company. I customize a complete individual training program for your company or just provide a few hours of personalized Quickbooks instruction. Contact us with your requirements and I will provide you a no obligations estimate for Quickbooks, bookkeeping or accounting.



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The Quickbooks expert will assist your company with problems they encounter in the set up or operation of Quickbooks whether or not I did the installation. I eagerly answer all of your Quickbooks and accounting questions. There is not situation too large or too small for us to handle. The very difficult we solve fairly quickly, the impossible takes just a little longer. Seriously, I will work tirelessly to fix even the most difficult of situations. The quickbooks expert provides you with a list of short cuts and tips to streamline bookkeeping operations and data input. There are numerous tips and short cuts available simplify quickbooks, let me show YOU.

If you provide your e-mail address with any questions, I will respond promptly.


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There is a complete series of online QuickBooks lessons available for members. Clients and class attendees receive discounts and access to these lessons as part of our service. Click here or on the Online Training button above.



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